I am an Entrepreneur

I am an Entrepreneur


About Course

This course is designed for individuals in all sectors of the business world, small or large including, private businesses, government enterprises and NGO’s. An entrepreneur is an individual who has the mindset and skills to ensure that his or her organisation operates in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Mr Sastri Ramiah is the founder of The Olive College of Learning and the organisational leader of the Olive Group of companies. Our course presenters, under the leadership of Mr Ramiah, are experts in their field and are experienced qualified facilitators.

Course Outline:

Module 1 : Introducing Entrepreneurs – Who is an Entrepreneur?

Module 2 : The organisation in which the Entrepreneur lives

Module 3 : Financial and Capital requirements of a new organisation

Module 4 : Managing your Organisation

Module 5 : Expansion strategies of the Organisation

Module 6 : Small, Medium and Micro size enterprises (SMME’S)

Module 7 : Understanding and Developing Organisational Culture

Module 8 : Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

Module 9 : Franchising

Module 10 : Business Continuity Planning and Intellectual Property

Certification will be granted on completion of the module/s. T&c’s apply.

Pricing Plan Proposal:

S Rate: Each module will have a Standard Rate (R1425 incl vat per module)

A Rate: This is a Student rate which carries a 20% discount for persons under the age of 30

B Rate: Group rate which carries a 10% discount for group bookings of over 10 students per module.Corporates and other entities.

I Rate International Rate: This is a management costed negotiated rate per module/ course (Quoted for per project/Per Client)

F Rate Flexible Rate: This is a flexible curriculum designed course for corporates and entities to choose custom modules based on their time. Subject to a minimum of 10 students








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